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Guldbergaunet Sommerhotell og Camping

Guldbergaunet Sommerhotell og Camping: Apartments

bilde5_liten.jpg (6971 bytes) Generally about the apartments

The summer hotel consists of six apartment buildings and one common house. Altogether there are 65 apartments of different sizes.

We have:

  • 32 section apartments
  • 2 handicap apartments
  • 16 one-room apartments
  • 7 two-room apartments
  • 8 three-room apartments

All the apartments are equiped with sleepinggcouch, bookshelf, telephone and outlet for cable-TV. The kitchen have a refridgerator with freeze, a stove and are fully equiped.

This is how the bathrooms look like. All the baths have a shower, own water heater, a large mirror and wardrobes for storing towels a.o.

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Section apartment:

Each section apartment consists of four apartments which hvae common bath and one common room with kitchen

There are three different apartments of this kind:

  • The most common type is ca. 12.5 sq.m. and is suited for single persons. There are 24 apartments of this kind.
  • Four of these apartments also have an aditional 4 sq.m. large top floor and are fit for one to two persons

Four of the apartments have an aditional top floor on 6 sq.m. and is suited for six persons.


There are a doubletapartment which are decorated for handicapped. It consists of two apartments on ca. 12,5 sq.m. They share bath and kitchen.

Suited for handicapped means that the doors are wide and the wardrobes are installed on a lower level than usual.

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Single room apartment:

This type apartment is 25 sq.m. and is fit for two or three persons. It has a kitchen and a combined livingroom/bedroom.

There are plenty of room in the kitchen, and there are a kitchen table and two chairs.

In the living room there are two wardrobes and one shelf.

Single room with top floor

Of the sixteen single room apartments, four of them have a top floor on 14 sq.m.

bilde6a_liten.jpg (5482 bytes) Two room apartments:

The two room apartments is 45 sq.m., and is well suited for three or four persons. They have own bedrooms with a large bed and three double wardrobes.

In the living room (combined kitchen) we have a kitchen table with four chairs and a couch and cosy chairs with table.

We have seven two room apartments.

t_2roms_liten.jpg (6603 bytes) Three room apartment:

The three room apartment have the same first floor as the two room apartment. The difference is that it is an aditional top floor on 25 sq.m.

This kind of apartment is well suited for four or five persons because it have an extra bedroom.