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Guldbergaunet Sommerhotell og Camping

Guldbergaunet Sommerhotell og Camping: Activities

bilde1c_liten.jpg (7703 bytes) Activities close to Guldbergaunet Sommerhotell og Camping

The holiday centre is situated next to Guldbergaunet Sport Centre close to Steinkjer city. The centre lies idyllicly by the rivers Ogna and Steinkjer river. Here are lots of possibilities for activities for the whole family.

The new summer hotel is open from June 16 - August 20 every year.

The special arcitecture gives the centre a cosy atmosphere. On the picture: The hotel which have given several architect prizes.

Soccer / athletics

The centre is exellent for sport activities, and has fields for:

  • Athletics
  • Football (also artificial football ground)
  • Tennis
  • Tracks for jogging and walking

For those interested in football, there are several footballgrounds nearby. Close to the informationbuilding lies two grounds of grass (both of high quality), and one artificial ground. Steinkjer footballstadium and tracks for jogging also lies close to Guldbergaunet Sommerhotell og Camping

The athletics ground who lies close to the summer hotel were last preparated in 1996. It is used by people in all ages in the summer.

The track for jogging round the camping, is on ca. 1 km, and around the track, you can find different training-statives for those who want more out of the jogging. The track is used by both active sportsters and by those who just want some exercise. There are also two tenniscourts close to Steinkjer Footballstadium.

dampsaga_liten.jpg (16483 bytes) Dampsaga bath:

Dampsaga bath have after it was opened in August 1995 becomed a natural place gather for all who like the wet element. Here you can swim, play and enjoy your self in a cosy enviroment.

Dampsaga bath have an ordinary swimmingpool, a bubblebath, a heated pool, a water slide and a pool for the children.

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Riding school / camp:

Overrein riding school lies in Sr-Beitestad ca. 5 km from Steinkjer, in a beautifull enviroment and with view over Beitstadfjorden

Solheim riding camp is a farm in Henning which is in Steinkjer kommune. The fram lies in a beautifull enviroment with good oppertunities for riding in the area. Solheim ridingcamp and their instructor is authorized by Norges Rytterforbund

The riding school can offer:

  • Riding classes in the after-noon for both children and adults, and weekendcours in riding for handicapped.
  • Ridingcamp: 5 days ridingcamp in the summer, weekendcourse in driving, stalling horses and more.
bowl_liten.jpg (5735 bytes) Other activities

Among the other activities in Steinjer, we can find bowling and pool in the bowlinghall in Steinkjer which lies 1 km from the summer hotel.

It consists of 12 lanes (10 for adults and two for children) in Brunswic laminat with datascore. They also have caf/snackbar, own hall for pool and videogames garderobes and meeting/ conferenceroom.

Bowling is a sport which is easy to start playing. No complicated rools, and the lanes are automatic.